Meet the Cook

“I love the art of food: the colors, the spices, and the creativity.”
—Makini Howell

Kelly LenihanHi, my name is Kelly! I’m an author, crafter,—and home cook! Although I can often be found in my kitchen, if the sky is blue, I might grab my camera and go birding, or at least get outside with my dog. But truly, I love to cook and to feed people!

My focus is developing recipes intuitively, using minimal ingredients—doing my best to use organic, unprocessed foods. I’m a big fan of using fresh, seasonal, locally sourced foods – and even grow some of my own herbs and vegetables – in pursuit of preparing nutrient-dense dishes that are so good for fueling and healing our bodies.

Although some of the older recipes you’ll find here may include wheat flour, these days my diet is primally inspired—meaning, I choose to eat foods that can be grown, hunted and gathered—much like our ancestors did prior to any modern day agriculture. I cook mostly grain-free or at least gluten free. I also do my very best to avoid industrially processed foods, foods containing chemical additives or that have been genetically modified—grains, processed sugar and most dairy products—except for cheese. Sigh. I can’t. I tried. I failed. Cheese is my Achilles heel!

By design, my recipes are fairly simple to make, often incorporating something fresh and in season. They are meant to be starting points, meaning, I want my recipes to become yours. Rather than trying to absorb a hyper-detailed list of instructions requiring you to always have to return to a recipe full of precise measurements, I encourage you to experiment—adding a little more of this, a little less of that, and oh and won’t this [herb or vegetable] be lovely. I want you to trust yourself to create. 

As George Bernard Shaw said, “There is no love more sincere than the love of food”. All I know is my love and passion for delicious food has evolved into a desire to cook—and share—my impetus for penning this blog.

I also love to craft from nature, so you may find the occasional nature-derived project or table decoration on here as well. Because I am sharing not only recipes but also occasional articles on DIY home decor, and connecting over food, I have rebranded my blog: Cook ~ Create ~ Connect, to better encompass what you’ll find here.

I hope my recipes and culinary experiences feed your appetite and inspire you to cook fresh, tasty meals for yourself, your friends, your family. Let me know how it goes—I’d love to hear from you.

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