Lavender Syrup

For more than 17 years the world has descended on the Sequim-Dungeness Valley to experience the joys of lavender and this past weekend was no exception. During a visit to Purple Haze Farm, I purchased some culinary lavender and today I made lavender syrup using coconut water. Known for its calming properties, lavender syrup’s quixotic aroma provides a subtle accent for refreshing lemonades, teas, martinis and more.

Did you know that lavender has been a favorite herb for over 2,500 years? The Greeks and the Romans bathed in lavender scented water and it was from the Latin word “lavo” meaning “to wash” that the herb took it’s name. Perhaps first domesticated by the Arabians, lavender spread across Europe from Greece. To this day, the French continue to send baby lamb to graze in fields of lavender, so their meat will be tender and fragrant.

lavender syrupINGREDIENTS

3 cups coconut water
4 tablespoons culinary lavender
1 cup sugar


In a medium saucepan, bring the coconut water to a boil.

Add the lavender and simmer for 10 minutes. Strain out the lavender and return the infusion to the pan.

Add the sugar, stirring often until thickened.*

Remove from heat and transfer the syrup to a sterile glass container.

Keep refrigerated to avoid spoilage.

*Reduce syrup until it’s nice and thick, let it cool slightly and then drizzle over freshly made custard or panna cotta for a creamy, lovely dessert.


Fill a martini glass 2/3 full with lavender syrup. Add the juice of one lime, a shot of vodka and a dash of Scrappy’s Lavender bitters. Stir and enjoy.

lavender cocktail



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