Coconut Yogurt in a Pressure Cooker

I treated myself to an Instant Pot this past Christmas – which I LOVE – and I finally decided to try the yogurt setting. I used 100% organic coconut cream, so it is dairy-free. I made vanilla bean, although next time, I wi

coconut yogurt


1/2 gallon coconut cream*
1/3 cup unflavored SO-Delicious coconut yogurt with active cultures
1-2 tablespoons vanilla bean powder (optional)
Yogurt strainer or nut milk bags
DUO-60 7-in-1 Instant Pot

* Click on ingredients to see what brands I use


Pour coconut milk into Instant Pot stainless steel liner. Lock lid in place and plug in cooker. Press “yogurt” setting and “adjust” until display reads “boil”. When boil is finished (could take up to an hour), unplug cooker, remove lid and cool milk to 115 degrees F. Mix in yogurt starter. Lock lid in place and turn on cooker. Press “yogurt” and incubate for 8 hours.

After 8 hours, unplug cooker and remove lid. Transfer yogurt to yogurt strainer and let strain for one hour. Note: reserve the strained whey for use in other recipes. Place yogurt back into pot and mix in the vanilla bean if desired, stirring well to incorporate. (Omit the vanilla if you plan on using the yogurt in savory dishes). Transfer yogurt to glass bowl, cover and refrigerate overnight.

Serve the yogurt with favorite fresh or frozen fruits. The coconut cream makes a fairly rich yogurt, so a little lime or lemon zest or tart fruits would be best.

*Half gallon of coconut cream makes one quart of yogurt. If you want to use one gallon of coconut cream, increase yogurt starter to half cup.

coconut yogurt


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