Coconut Yogurt in a Pressure Cooker

I treated myself to an Instant Pot this past Christmas – which I LOVE – and I finally decided to try the yogurt setting. I used 100% organic coconut cream, so it is dairy-free. I made vanilla bean, although next time, I wi INGREDIENTS 1/2 

Cauliflower Waffles

I love waffles, but in the interest of practicing a grain-free lifestyle, I have been forgoing one of my favorite breakfasts – until now, that is! The star ingredient in these waffles is cauliflower, but you sure can’t taste it! They are fluffy, flavorful and 

Savory Grain Free Waffles

I’ve been thinking about making savory grain free waffles incorporating caramelized shallots and bacon for awhile now and what I finally came up with is a dense, flavorful waffle with a slight nuttiness from the cashew butter, just waiting for whatever topping you care to 

Grain-Free Pancakes

At home, I pretty much eat grain-free, but sometimes I really want something “bread-y” so today I made grain-free pancakes using almond, flax and tapioca flours. With a little honey and vanilla, they weren’t too sweet and had a delightful nutty flavor. Tasty! INGREDIENTS 2 

Individual “Stuffed” Dutch Babies

A Dutch baby pancake, sometimes called a German pancake, a Bismarck or a Dutch puff, is a sweet popover that is typically served for breakfast. Growing up, as a special treat, my mom served us Dutch babies for breakfast. I continued the tradition, serving them