Sautéed Chive Buds and Leeks

My chives plant, now in its second year, has gone crazy with buds so I’ve prepared a light stir-fried chive bud dish. My goal, deliciousness and simplicity—and let me tell you, this was right on the mark—super fragrant and flavorful. It would also be good with the addition of ginger. Here, I’ve topped a nice piece of beef, but this would be just as awesome with chicken, white fish, scallops or jumbo shrimp.

sauteed chive buds and leeks


1 leek, cleaned and thinly sliced
1 clove garlic, minced
3 tablespoons olive oil
3 tablespoons water and 1/2 teaspoon corn starch (mixed)
1/2 cup chive buds
1 teaspoon seasoned rice wine vinegar
1/2 teaspoon sesame oil
1/2 teaspoon light brown sugar
1/2 teaspoon anchovy sauce (okay to substitute fish sauce)
1/2 tablespoon coconut aminos (okay to substitute oyster sauce)


Mix the corn starch with water, set aside.

To prepare leeks, cut off and discard the dark green parts that are tough. Trim off the little beards at the bottom. Slice as thin as possible.

Heat up a skillet and add in the olive oil and garlic. Add in the leeks and cook until tender, about 10 minutes.

Add in the chive buds and continue to stir fry for 1-2 minutes. Buds should remain crunchy.

Add in the seasoning (rice wine, sesame oil, sugar, anchovy sauce and coconut aminos) and the corn starch water.

Do a quick stir for 30 seconds, dish up and serve hot atop quinoa or a piece of meat or fish.


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