Roasted Vegetables

This week at the farmer’s market I was delighted to find purple beans along with baby turnips and beets, perfect for roasting!

roasted root vegetablesOnce home, I washed the vegetables, leaving the roots and stems intact. I tossed everything with a couple tablespoons of truffle oil, sea salt and seaweed flakes to taste.

Arranging the vegetables onto a cookie sheet, I placed the pan into a 400 degree oven and roasted for 20 minutes.

The bits of roots and stems caramelized and overall, the textures and flavors were delicious.
preparing the vegetables for roasting

Really, you can roast just about anything, as vegetables especially benefit from the high, dry heat of the oven. Their flavor becomes concentrated and their natural sugars caramelize, transforming them into richly satisfying sides. For every 2 pounds of vegetables, toss with 1 tablespoon of olive oil prior to roasting. Spread in a single layer, with space in between pieces, or they’ll steam instead. You can roast different veggies together as long as their cooking times are similar.


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