WP Recipe Maker

If you are a fellow food blogger, have you heard about WP Recipe Maker? A brilliant plug-in for your WordPress site with many fantastic features.

With so much competition, getting to the top of Google and other search engines is hard. If you’re not using the latest SEO standards for your recipes you’re making it even harder.

WP Recipe Maker automatically handles the recipe metadata for you. Why not set yourself up for success and give your blog the best shot at reaching the top.

In WP Recipe Maker you can add recipes to regular posts and pages, so there’s no need to change your entire workflow.

With just one setting you can make it easy for your readers to get where they want with an automatically inserted Jump to Recipe button with the recipe snippets feature.

And your visitors will definitely love the ability to easily print a recipe, adjust the servings to whatever they need or even generate a shopping list from a collection of recipes.

Set affiliate links for your ingredients and manage those in one place. Whenever you use that ingredient in a recipe we can automatically add the affiliate link for you!

 It’s easy to create a nutrition label. And the nutrition API will help you calculate those values.

Since the world has not agreed on a universal set of ingredient units yet, whether your recipe uses cups instead of grams (or the other way around) the built in unit conversion feature allows your visitors to switch to the unit system they are most comfortable with.

There’s even more awesome features but I think you get the idea. Ready to learn more, check out WP Recipe Maker here!